Euphoria's Season Two Trailer Does Not Have the Makeup You'd Expect

by Christina Lee

EuphoriaTeaser Trailer: Season 2You can now see it all. The teaser for HBO’s second season was released on November 23. It gives us an insight into the possible romance, extreme partying and chaos the show may bring. Rue Bennett, played by America’s 2021 fashion icon, Zendaya, is back in the series’s second season, but the bold, graphic makeup looks that were adored by the hit show’s many fans — well, not so much. 

Instead we are shown a Zendaya in no makeup traversing the entire trailer. There are however, Some traces of makeup seen on Maddie Perez — aka Alexa Demie — while receiving what appears to be a birthday cake in a dark-lit room. She appears to have worn a bright cat-eye at the event, judging by the way it looks. 


Another scene shows five girls in dresses, sitting on a staircase for about one second. Sydney Sweeney plays Cassie. She wears a neutral-colored eyeshadow and has baby braids that frame her face. Maddie is next to Cassie and appears with her winged liner. Barbie Ferreira’s Barbie Hernandez character seems to also be making her Season 2 debut with some dark, graphic eyeliner. 


This change was not only bold, but also natural. EuphoriaDoniella Dava, the chief makeup artist at The Body Shop, has previously spoken AllureSeason two’s looks are more sophisticated and subtle than season one. [season one’s] aesthetic.” Not to be worried. Davy confirmed that Jules’ bright and loud appearances from season 1 will make a return, however, they won’t be cut down as much.

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Will the fans love the subtle makeover? Get a feeling for EuphoriaThe video below shows a refined version of’s makeup look. On January 9, Season 2 will debut.

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