Getting Brazilian Model Seductive – Waxing That Burning Bush

by Christina Lee

There is nothing more un-sexy than excessive pubic hair while on vacation. If you have that image, and your wardrobe is a mess, nobody will want to go in the ocean with you. They expect some flufff to rise to the surface soon. This is definitely not the type of thing to get other sex. It would actually be better to remain at home.

Thanks to bikini waxing, we are now blessed. A bikini wax, for beach novices, is the procedure of removing unwanted hair from the upper leg, under the navel, and around the bikini area. The bikini line is another name for this procedure. There are three main styles of waxing, which can vary depending on the salon that you go to. There are three basic styles of waxing:

American waxing: This type of waxing removes hair from the upper thighs and beneath the navel. This is the most basic type of bikini-wax.

French Waxing: The French method leaves just a small strip of hair over the vulva. It is approximately two to three fingers across. It is possible to remove hair from the labia and perianal areas. This type of hair removal is called the Playboy wax (or G-wax). A landing strip is the vertical strip that is left behind after waxing.

Brazilian Waxing is the most well-known type of waxing. It involves the removal of nearly every hair except a small strip at the pubis. This involves the complete removal of hairs from the perinuem, anus and vulva. This wax is also known by the Full Bikini Wax and Hollywood Wax. Brazilian waxes are more popular for females than males. It’s not very common in Brazil, though.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to go to any beach looking fabulous and fit.

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