I Want to Copy Kulture's Heart-Shaped Cornrows and Bedazzled Baby Hairs

by Christina Lee

That is something I feel we can all agree to. Cardi BShe is an icon of beauty and fashion. Kulture, her three-year old daughter, is another family member that she should be watching. You can easily scroll through Kulture’s Instagram to see her stunning braided hairstyles and colorful tulle dresses. She also poses in models-approved photos that would be a great inspiration for Naomi Campbell. Her hairstyles are some of her most adorable, including the latest braided style from her youngin. It features intricately shaped cornrows and a bedazzled head. 

The new style was shared by her mom in an Instagram collage posted November 18. These cornrows aren’t simple. There are actually several smaller braids which feed into the two bigger cornrows. Small hearts were also incorporated into her hair, one on either side. Two medium-sized cornrows taper at her waistline. 

This look isn’t just beautiful. You can see tiny silver jewels in her baby hairs, which are swooped and looped. Take a look at her hairline. We love the new trend of bedazzled hairstyles, which is making waves on the red carpet and in the streets. 

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This fall-inspired outfit is perfect for braiding these braids. It all works well together: the red sweater and white pants, khaki trousers, red hightop sneakers, printed shades, and a sparkling necklace. We can’t wait to see Kulture take our breath away on the red carpet.

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