Kacey Musgraves! Pink Hair! Take a look at it!

by Christina Lee

Kacey MusgravesNever one to be afraid of trying out new beauty looks, she has been a pioneer in her field. To match the purple feather hat, how about glittering eye shadow? Check. Disco brows? Check. This is the most shocking transformation that Pink Hair has ever made.

Musgraves shared a beautiful selfie on November 23 showing her cherry blossoms. This selfie was captioned “don’t let me blowaway” and has soft but bold edges. The makeup on her is romantic, with softly lined eyes and a pink shimmery lip.

Although the new look is so beautiful, we are not sure she would have had it. The hair was actually made for V Magazine. Giovanni Delgado in New York created the pink unit and left some dark hair at the roots to keep Musgraves’s brown hair healthy.

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The pink hair comes back every few seasons, and it’s a beautiful color we love. It’s one of few colors that can feel both sophisticated and delicate at once. This color is also a great choice if red seems a bit extreme.

The urge to experiment with different colors is high as we approach the end of the year. Here are 33 ideas that will make your pink hair pop this holiday season. Copper rose, Barbie pink — there’s something for everyone. Because you want your hair to stay bright and healthy, here are the best shampoos & conditioners that dyed hair. We also have color-preserving tips we swear by.

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