OK, Is Florence Pugh's Hair Red or Not?

by Christina Lee

This year has been great for hair color. Take a look at the beautiful copper colors that were all over TikTok, and even the expensive browns worn by your favourite celebrities. You can bring life back to your hairstyles with vibrant highlights and subtle highlights. Florence PughThis is something that I know a lot about. The end of October saw the MidsommarStar traded in her medium-length, dark blonde hair for a shorter, more natural-looking brown. 

Pugh shared the brand new color on Instagram with the vibrant red shade. This stunning scarlet shade suits Marvel’s star very well. It’s a deep red color, which is why it’s not too light. She styled her hair with just a side part. (Millenials have won this round of hair-parting wars!) Her red hair looked great with her black and white outfit. 

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This reddish hair colour may not have been permanent. In an Instagram Story from November 24, she showed that her blonde hair had returned to its honey-colored roots. We don’t know the details. Perhaps the Instagram photo was an older photo she wanted to share with fans. Or maybe the color of her hair was a temporary result from Overtone’s Red for brown Hair Coloring Conditioner. You might even wear a hair wig.


However, it is always fun to watch the actor play with color. We can’t wait for what she will do with her hair. Her brown hair is not the only thing she’s had. She also has blonde hair. Next time she might try an orange-colored hairstyle or go back to cooler colors like cobalt. It will be interesting to see what happens. 

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